The subject of the Holocaust is one that we hope never will be forgotten in history. It stands in history as a warning. However much we hear of it though, the realities of the horrors of it seems so incredible that we can’t even truly fathom what it was like.

One of the effects of the Holocaust that I never gave much thought, is the effect on the generations that came after the survivors. Aftermath is a book written by a “3G”, a third generation. This granddaughter of two holocaust survivors writes a gripping narrative of what it was like to grow up in the after effects of the Holocaust.

The author’s raw emotions and the stress that came with having to live in the spotlight constantly shine through in her words. She had to live ‘the dream’; her life was made up of high standards, unattainable standards.

This book is very well written. Your attention is kept through the pages as she goes on to relate the effects on the daughter, on the greatgrandchildren, and on the many lives who were touched. Another important part of history that we need to remember unfolds through the chapters. It is not only the extremely evil acts during the Holocaust that need to be remembered, but also the effects that evil acts have on generations to come.