These pacifier clips were sent to me to review for free in exchange for my honest opinion. They arrived quickly and were packaged well.  I received two colors, the bright one pictured below and a lighter colored one.  My first reaction was: genius!  A toy, a teether and a pacifier clip all in one!  They seem constructed very sturdily so hopefully none of those beads come popping off somehow… yes, I’m paranoid of choking hazards, but that’s because I have children that put everything in their mouths and I have to be constantly on guard. However, I do think that these are constructed well enough to be safe for any baby.


The firmness of the beads are perfect for teethers:  soft enough to not be painful, but firm enough to do a lot of gum massaging.  My only disappointment with these is the clip.  It does not clip on very tight and is easy for a child to pop off. After seeing an infant even pop it open, I have to give these a rating of 3 stars.  Very cute, great idea, but it needs a few improvements.  The end that attaches to the pacifier also will not work with every pacifier and I would love to see that end narrower and the snap thinner so it can fit through the loops on a Mam pacifier holder.

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Baby Book

By far my favorite baby item I was asked to review was this baby keepsake book.  Although it is easy to fall into the trap of this digital age of just printing out a photo book, or, just leaving all the photos stored online, nothing can replace an actual baby keepsake book. An actual book can be paged through for years to come, with Mom or Dad’s handwriting and memories sprinkled through, actual printed photos, and mementos, cards, and other additions.

I will admit that I am way behind on my baby book making with ten to do, I’m not disclosing how many I actually have done. But I am not giving up on getting one done for each child eventually 🙂 So, I have envelopes of notes, stories, mementos, and pictures stored up to use for each child.

Now, back to this particular book. I have previously always used expensive Hallmark baby books. I received my first one as a baby gift and found a stack of them later on. This Precious keepsake book that I received actually has much better quality pages than those books I used previously. They are thicker cardstock. The content is very similar, I actually like this book much better too because it leaves more room and has less embellishment that is just in the way.

The only thing I can think of that I would like to see different in this baby keepsake book is that it is a spiral binding. Yes, those glide much nicer, but, when you have pages you want to remove or add ( I like to add lots of clear pages inbetween and slip scrapbook pages inside) a 3 ring binder type of book is much nicer. That being said, I still give this product 5 stars!

Luly Baby Bibs

I absolutely love the new bandana style bibs that have come out.  They are so much cuter than past bibs!  They also have lovely styles that match just about any outfit and don’t look “bibbish”! When the drool starts happening, we certainly need drool catchers, but we like them to look cute too of course.img_20161126_094234

These bibs are very nicely sewn.  They have a super nice soft backing and so far seem to do a lot of soaking!  They also have a very nice firm snap that keeps them from yanking them off and sure beats Velcro or ties.

They make a nice spot to clip on a pacifier keeper too for all my pacifier addicts.

I give these 5 stars!  They can be found at:

Baby Book

We received another baby book to review! I’m not sure which one I like better now!img_20170110_061112 This one is definitely different. The pages are a durable glossy material instead of the cardstock. It has the general baby pages of memories, the monthly pages, and a yearly page up to school age. Then it has a few blank pages and also a pocket in the back for keepsakes. It comes with a few pages of stickers (monthly stickers for photos and decorating pages). I haven’t used them yet, but they say they’re very delicate… hopefully they don’t rip on me! Once again we have a spiral bound book. I know that is what most people prefer. I still prefer having a 3 ring binder to be able to add or subtract pages! I give this 5 stars though. It seems very durable and I look forward to getting done.