20170224093159b80483f5efcb662daf8de7887ce7934ad5c79742-520-520A very neat item we received to review we forgot to accomplish for quite a while, but that did give us time to make sure it was a good product! 🙂 This is a set of drug tests. These would be great for parents of teens who are worried, but also for small business owners as they are hiring.

Check out the photos below to see how they are work!


They are super easy to use and read. They are a very affordable option. The cups come with everything you need ready to go. They also come in a pack of 5 if you need to repeat or if you have multiple people needing them. I think these were absolutely awesome and so glad these options are out there for people to use! Another great product from Easy@home Get yours here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/50350697



We received this 3-pack of lunch containers a few weeks ago. These were received for free in exchange for our honest reviews. These are nice little containers. More durable than Ziploc or Glad or dollar store containers, but not quite as sturdy as rubbermaid or tupperware.

They snap shut quite well, but are not completely liquid leak-proof, so I would recommend putting canned fruit in juice in it, for example. However, these are quite multi-purpose. I can see these being used for just about anything, from organization (think school supplies, office, craft, childrens’ legos, etc.) to their original purpose of lunch container of course.

I think these are a good little deal. 3 nice boxes for a good price. They can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LD36ALU

Mouse traps

We received these nice mouse traps to review. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DCL705Q They come in a pack of four, because where there’s one mouse, there’s probably a few more…. plus, for the really squeamish, they can just toss the trap I guess. No, really, these are perfect traps for squeamish people because you can simply open them with a squeeze of the open end, give a little shake, and the dead mouse is disposed of.

We have had similar traps before and I found these to be constructed about the same or better. One new feature I liked in these is that the bait cup can be detached from the outside, cleaned, and refilled! For us peanut butter users, that is a big plus!

No mice were injured in this testing facility. There were no mice to be found during the test window I had for these. But they worked well on pencils, toys, fingers…..my children made sure they were very durable, and now that the traps have survived their tests, I can set them aside to use at the first sign of a squeak or whisker, and I have no doubt these will get the job done.

Candle molds

These candle molds were sent to me to review from a company on Amazon. I must admit I didn’t expect much. The pictures on the website did not do them justice. I also have a hard time visualizing how large something is even though measurements are mentioned. These were much larger and are much more durable than I thought.

We look forward to using these to make lots of different scents of candles and with these nice molds we will be able to make a plethora of them. I was really happy to get a supply of wicks with each mold also. They also do not need to use the wicks with metal bottoms, but you can tie them as you can see in the pictures. All in all I was quite impressed with these and look forward to using them with the girls. I have a feeling they will want to start a candle making business next!

The round one can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H48WGXY/
and they Pyramid shaped one here: https://www.amazon.com/Pyramid-mold-included-Plastic-candles/dp/B01H48LXWY/

An awesome gadget

If you are my husband… do not keep reading. ha!

I received a wonderful little gadget for him to review.  But I want to give it to him as a gift, so I don’t want him to see it just yet!

Anyway, it is a nice little digital tire pressure gauge. It is perfect.  It lights up so you can use it in the dark.  The display also lights up.  It is very easy to operate.  Push the button. Apply.  Read. Repeat as necessary. It fits in your hand nicely. And it is not expensive at all!


I say this is the perfect little gift for anyone  that needs it.

Head Set Buddy

We received the “Head Set Buddy” free to review.  It works with any headphones with a jack that can disconnect.  Simply disconnect your cord and plug this one into.  It has a nice cord that doesn’t tangle while it’s not being used.  The microphone is very bendable and can be pulled down right in front of your mouth.  The best feature is that it is noise cancelling! Whether for recording, or making phone calls, skyping, or whatever purpose you use the inline microphone, this is a much better option.  Recommend the headsetbuddy. Visit http://www.headsetbuddy.com

You Stole My Heart Candle holder

Another one for the hubby… hope he’s not watching this blog 🙂 This was a beautiful candle holder I received to review for a high discount. I expected a little votive candle holder, to be honest. Instead this is a heavy duty glass candle holder. Its bottom is thick like a heavy-bottomed glass. The phrase is cute of course “You stole my heart but you can keep it”. The etchings will allow the light to shine through. But… I have a feeling the husband might see this and use it for a tea glass instead! lol. Either way, I know it well get use. He does like candles too. I will give this one 5 stars! Can’t see a flaw to it and it exceeded my expectations of size and quality.


Rodent Chaser?

One of the few products I will have to give a 1 star review to was a pest repeller. We have had these repellers before from other companies so I am aware of how they are supposed to work. However, when we plugged this one in, I got a funny sensation for a minute and then thought nothing else of it. Until…. the children walked in and were holding their ears asking what that terrible noise was!! In other words, the supposedly inaudible sound, which should be the exact right sound for rodents and not people, was completely off. These went in the trash! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F2EZSIC
Birthday Banner

Birthdays around here are generally fairly simple. They have to be, because they come one after the other. Balloons on their chair, dinner of choice, cake of choice, candles, singing and a gift are about the extent of it. Except… for the 10th birthday! We do do a birthday party then. And so, with a 10th birthday party coming up, I received this birthday banner to review and it will be part of the tradition from now on. This is a really cute banner. The children definitely liked it a lot! It is made of durable materials and we will be able to reuse this for years. My only beef with this was that we had to string the whole thing on the string ourselves and it did take quite a while because the string would unravel and have to be trimmed, etc. So, I think they would be much better off selling these on the string! https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Birthday-Bunting-Paper-Banner/dp/B01LXLTYPD/ref=sr_1_111?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1481023640&sr=1-111-spons&keywords=happy+birthday+banner&psc=1


Silicone Oven Mitts

My first impression of these oven mitts was that I was very impressed. They look to be very durable, well constructed and fit for their purposed.  The first few times I used them I was not as sure.  The cloth inner fingers are hard to pop back in if they become displaced (so don’t put them on with sticky hands :)!) and they are not as flexible as fabric so they take a minute to get used to.  But the pros started outweighing the cons quickly.  The size of them keeps you from burning your forearms for one.  You never have to worry about the hole you forgot about in your cloth ones and now you’re holding a burning hot dish you don’t want to drop.  And third, let’s face it, you can’t lose these!! 😀 They are bright!
Get em here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZELAEO !