Yesterday, I came to the realization that although my children knew it was election day today and some of the basics of election, they didn’t fully understand how the whole system worked.  I recalled seeing a free lapbook out there somewhere and an unanimous vote later, it was decided to spend today on learning about the whole election process. I’m learning to be a bit more flexible as I age 😉

I spent a little time last night compiling a youtube list of instructional videos, dug up a poster I remembered ordering from earlier in the year, jotted down a list of scripture references, and printed out a stack of lapbooks and coloring pictures for the younger crowd.

The young ones quickly get excited when a day is going to be out of the ordinary, and when they spotted the poster, they were intrigued.  What are we learning about today, Mommy?


We started off together with new notebooks, which they will keep for future government and related lessons. I just didn’t want to interrupt their current social studies notebooks, where we left off after Nehemiah and Jerusalem, with Election Day and then go back again to B.C.


The little children colored various coloring pages while we plowed our way through videos, talking, googling, wikipediaing, lapbooking, notebooking, etc…. The lapbook is linked at the end of the post.


….keeping littles happy and occupied…

Soon it was break time for lunch and some of the younger crowd headed off to the farm with Dad while the rest continued on.  Little man decided he did not want to miss out on a thing and his stubbornness earned him a nap on the table… (ok, I did move him to a more comfortable location called a bed after the photo).

Finally, much learning later, I am satisfied the children know the way the whole election process works.  We were able to learn it in a fun way and now…. they are out enjoying the fresh air while I put my feet up for a few minutes and cuddle the baby.  Soon it will be time to start watching the election results roll in and they will color in the states on the poster as they come in and keep count of electoral votes on the board…. but I know I will have to disappoint them and send them off to bed to see the final numbers tomorrow.  In the end we know this election also is in the Lord’s hands and what He does is always right.


Lapbook link: