Finding opportunities for children to be able to volunteer seems to be getting harder as the years go on. Soup kitchens no longer allow children on the front lines because they might burn themselves. Equestrian therapy centers require a minimum age of 14 or even older. Even nursing homes require hurdles for families to go through before coming in for visiting and activities. For families with younger children, for homeschooling families, and for homeschool groups, this creates a challenge!

Kids Against Hunger is an organization which sends out meals to other countries as well as feeding local families. Their packaged meals are nutritious and easy to prepare. We also agreed they taste good too!

The greatest part of KAH is what its name implies. Kids, children, do the work! They fill the bags with the ingredients, weight it out, seal it, and pack it into boxes. The littlest children can help flatten packages or decorate boxes with markers! The grownups join in wherever they are needed.

KAH is located across the USA and in Canada. We were glad to find one not too far from here last year. Our homeschool group gave it a try for the first time then and everyone agreed this was going to be on our repeat list.

We were able to go again today with the group. The turnout was a little lower with some scheduling conflicts, but we had a very enjoyable time together. Everyone was excited from the start and worked together so well! It was great to see.

One child on each bin with a scoop, scoops their ingredients into a funnel.  Another person quickly places bag after bag under that funnel!  After the ingredients are in, another child weighs the package and adds/subtracts rice as needed.  After weighing, another child or adult seals the bags with a sealer. And finally the children on the end flatten the packages, count them and box them up. I didn’t pause to take any pictures during the pack because we were trying to beat last year’s number of meals packed. And we did it!


A few more meals for Haiti, Africa, and our area.  We are thankful for the other people that came out to pack with us and look forward to doing this again, tLw.

I highly recommend this activity for homeschool groups, classes, family reunions, churches, and any other group. As you can see, it didn’t take us a large group to make a difference. See if there’s one close to you!