We had the opportunity to review this pretty dress this week in exchange for our honest opinion! We love long dresses and this appeared to be very pretty. After using the measurement chart they provided we ordered this dress in a smaller size. When it arrived we found it to be light and flowing fabric. It is very pretty. It was not as long as we had hoped, so we found a more suitably sized person to wear it. This beautiful headless model is pictured below! 🙂

We like this dress very much. The bodice has a drawstring in it to adjust the amount of tucking in there is. This would be a flattering dress for a larger sized woman too I think! This item can be found at…

Skeeter Repellent Bracelets

While summer seemed to hang in incredibly long for the Dakotas this year, we had one problem… the bugs weren’t dying! People were getting mosquito bites and it was November 15! Our bug sprays were 95% empty and children were wanting to be in the woods building forts.

We received these nice mosquito repellent bracelets to try!


They snap on easily and are adjustable for the youngers up to the adults. I can see myself attaching these just about anywhere… strollers… backpack…ankles…wrists….forts…. They use all natural oils and smell quite pleasant. Of course the main concern is… do they work? I say yes! No bug bites at all today and we were all in the woods and I did see plenty of bugs! They are said to last days, so I’m looking forward to many hours out of each bracelet.

I highly recommend these as a wonderful alternative to the clouds of smog otherwise used to keep the critters at bay. They can be found at :

RFID men wallet

The men’s wallet we received to review came in a very nice gift box. It has slots for many cards! It is also made out of real leather. I am not sure what else you could want in a wallet. It has an extra pullout card holder. Of course its best feature is that it is RFID blocking and keeps your card information safe from prying fingers. This would make a great gift for anyone needing a wallet. img_20161121_104550

It can be found at:

Botanical Lip Gloss

The lip gloss we received to review came in a very cute little package.  I think it would make a very nice little gift!  The moisturizing quality does what it is supposed to do and will be very nice for the dry winter air.  The color and gloss appeared to be …umm.. a little more colorful than I was hoping for when it arrived. But I was pleasantly surprised to see it went on looking pretty natural.  Not completely natural, but not bright purplish pink tmp_23010-img_20161103_220734-2003361726either.  The natural ingredients is what will be the draw for most people as we don’t just like to slather anything on our lips to keep them from cracking! 🙂

The product, pictured here, can be found at :

Women’s Wallet

This a super flashy wallet. It had much more sparkle than appeared from the website! I think there’s going to be one girl very happy when she unwraps this present, it is so pretty and sparkly!

It is a nice clasp wallet with several pockets, including a zippered pouch in the middle and slots for cards.

The quality seems spot on. We haven’t beaten it up yet, so I don’t know if it will last for years, but I definitely don’t expect it to fall apart within days either.

Beard Guideline Pro

An interesting product I was sent to try was a beard guide! No, no, not for me. Ha! But yes, my husband has a beard, and as I do like it when it looks all neat and trim, this sounded like a great little gadget.

So, when it arrived, it almost got tossed because the children thought it wasn’t anything but packaging! Well, it was in there, but it was… much slimmer and flimsier than I thought. It is just a light fogged plastic piece.

The instructions say to hold side A up to the top of your beard line. Ok, that almost made sense, but how can one size possibly fit all size beards? We went back and forth on what angle it should be held at, but no, we couldn’t get it to sit right on his face. Okay, side B is a perfectly straight side (ruler, anyone?) and is supposed to be held up to the edge of your jaw to trim that part straight…. again, this wasn’t looking right at all. And third, the handle part we had been holding, side C, basically a 3 inch straight edge was supposed to be held on your top lip to make that straight.

I guess I’ll give some appreciation for the concept. It is a nice idea. However, I find it simply to be a highly overpriced piece of plastic. As much as I dislike giving low reviews for trial products, I know I am asked to give my honest opinion. Well, folks, you read my honest opinion on this one. If you still are considering purchasing this product or want to read others’ reviews, find the product here at:

An awesome set of goggles we were sent to review were the Ufit goggles. These are a welcome addition for this swimming family! They far outrank any goggles we’ve previously owned! They are fog free and clear as can be. We give these 5 stars.

Pencil Set

A lovely pencil set I received to review was this nice set, sold on Amazon.  It comes in a case that unrolls, rerolls, and snaps shut.  It holds all the pencils and has a flap to protect the sharp points or protect the user from the sharp point. Whichever way you look at it.

I had fun trying out the pencils. They seem to be very nice watercolor pencils and of good quality.  This is going to make a great gift for the artist on my list 🙂

I think it will be put to good use going on nature walks, in the car, and anywhere else.

You can find this product at :


Full Face Mask


Nice warm face mask. Tucks down nicely into your coat and shirt.  Pulls tight around your face. Definitely wonderful head gear in the prairie wind and winter. We gave this 5 stars!

Like my model? Me too 🙂

Find this product at

Nice supplements from NUD! If you are looking for a good fish oil supplement, these are very nice Omega 3 supplements. The gels are about the same size as other oil supplements I have taken. I trust this source more than some of the generic brand ones though!

We received this very nice pack of ovulation and pregnancy tests from At Home to review. They once again proved that the other ones out there are just charging for their fanciness and advertising! This pack came with 50 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy, making it perfect for someone preventing, planning, or trying to conceive. No matter the scenario, the point is that they work and they work just as well as any fancy one you’ve used, for a fraction of the cost.

Find them at: