We were given the wonderful opportunity to try out a few of the Grandway products and jumped on it because my husband had just mentioned he needed a new multitool.  I’ll be reviewing them as we go, as he is trying each one out for a week to give his feedback on them. Once again, all products were received heavily discounted, but our opinion is completely our own.

As a dairy farmer, there always seems to be something to cut, so the folding knife has  been wonderful.  You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Spring-Assisted-Knife-Folding-Survival/dp/B01CDM805E

The feedback… Pro’s: it is a great all around knife. It is easy to open with its spring assist. It has a lock feature so it doesn’t pop open in your pocket. It definitely seems as durable as most good knives we’ve had. It stays locked open well and definitely performs as it should. One con: The lock tab tends to slide up the back while you’re using it, so  you can’t slap it shut with one hand against your leg.  It’s definitely a nice sized knife and is getting good use here! It appears to be holding up well to wear and tear.

Thank you to Grand Way for these great products to try out!

The next tool we tried out was a camping knife tool. This is one of those fun tools boy scouts take out when they go camping. Since our children love to camp out and cook over an open fire in the summer, this gadget is going to make a neat birthday present for one of them.

It comes apart well and locks back together firmly. The pieces fold out easily and stay out while you are using them. I like the additional can opener for popping open canned goods. All around easy spoon, fork and knife all-in-one for anyone who is into camping.

However, this tool is not only a great gift for a child. It also would make a nice addition to someone’s glove box who eats on the road or for in a lunchbox or cooler. It doesn’t look super pricey but it is a simple tool, whether for a child or an adult.

This product was received highly discounted in exchange for my honest opinion, which I have expressed here. This item can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Grand-Way-8136GP-Detachable-travelers/dp/B01D06GQU8

Stay tuned for the reviews on the multitools!