Bibs, bibs, bibs. I never cared for them. I remember growling at the fact that daycare workers would leave bibs on my baby all the time. Changing their outfits seemed like a better option than these bibs. They just didn’t look nice! Well, 8, 9 droolers later, I still didn’t change my mind… but I did resort to a bib here or there when I had to. Only as a last resort!


Enter these wonderful bandana bibs. Now, these I can put on my baby! There are 4 cute designs to help match most of her outfits at least. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more variety, but these 4 are a good start. The bandana shape makes it just not look like a bib, but more like an accent to the outfit. Not to mention, the triangle part is just perfect for clipping the pacifier clip onto.

These bandana bibs (found at : ) are definitely up a big step from the old bibs.

As for how they are made? They are thick enough to soak up quite a bit. Another improvement over the old little bibs. It is much longer than the tiny accent bibs sometimes sent with an outfit, so no drools spilling past onto the outfit. The fabric backing is super soft and won’t irritate any skin it might rub against on baby’s neck. The two snaps on the back are nice and sturdy.

Yes, I love these. I think I’ll finally put some bibs on this baby! They would make a great baby gift for a new baby too.

I’m trying to think of any negatives… I guess a lack of choices of fabric and patterns would be one negative. I would like to see more choices offered. I did receive these bibs for a discount in exchange for my honest opinion, which I have given here.

The boy patterns are cute as can be also. I was trying to catch little man with one on, but getting him to sit still on a photo is about impossible!