Homeschools are opposite of regular schools in a lot of ways.  One thing we don’t have is snow days…. we have sunshine days!   Those are those beautiful days where mom looks outside a few times as we get the main bookwork done in the morning and finally says, Hey, it’s nice out! What are we doing in here?

80 degrees in November, ladybugs, and sunshine…. it all screams Sunshine Day! Let’s get out there and enjoy this!

The older ones know there are still some deadlines to keep so they might opt to spend some of the time sprawled in the grass in the sunshine doing their schoolwork, but they spend a lot more time on “phys ed”and “science” than usual 😉

As for the younger ones….? I think hands on, imaginative play trumps bookwork any day.  And imaginations they have….!


There have been years that we had a lot of sunshine days, so many, in fact, that when Christmas break arrived, we had 8 weeks of lessons done…  I was a little worried that time! But, once again, the bookwork all got “done” eventually, everyone was on track or beyond for their “grade” level, so I did not have to regret all those sunshine days!

Well, to top off this sunshine day, we had a little addition to our little farm…