The weeks around Reformation Day are spent learning about the reformers and the history of that time. I just want so share my favorite resources with you for now and hopefully give you some ideas to use!

This year each child has chosen one part of the reformation to do a presentation on. Some are making part of the lapbook below and others are making PowerPoint presentations. We hope to get together with our homeschool group to have a Reformation afternoon and the children can teach us!

Color page and more:

My all-time favorite resource:

One just on Luther (I second those book recommendations!)

Writing prompts, craft ideas, puzzles n more

Some memory makers for the little ones

We read these of course 😉 my children don’t let m e skip these every year because they are written by their Oma!

Here is a little visual of these excellent books….



And the reformer ones of Simonette Carr

To incorporate a bit o science we learn about the invention of the printing press….

This takes a bit to wade through but has a lot of good ideas

Another unit study-not free- includes Reformation art study as well as geography on zambia and birds for science…

Hope this is helpful! Please comment with your favorites!