Field trips…..lots of field trips….are great for homeschooling! But….it means mom has to relax. The planned out schoolwork has to be set aside and we give up almost a whole day to make it to some of these.

For example, today’s field trip was an hour away (they generally are for us). So at 10 we began to get ready to go for a field trip that started at 12:30. We came home again at almost 4:00. (I admit we did pop in a quick photo shoot for Christmas cards while the weather still allowed.) But there is no running out the door quick and coming back to finish some bookwork.

Thinking from a different perspective, they learned more than they do many days from their books! Our children are inquisitive and not shy. They were firing off the questions and there was a lot of learning happening; priceless learning that can’t be duplicated in a classroom/living room!

So are the upside down days of field trips worth it? Absolutely! They are invaluable learning experiences and memories for the children! We can’t do it every day. There is Algebra, multiplication tables, and spelling after all….

Today we were able to enjoy an ocean room and butterfly house thanks to a grant. The time slots were set up with a local Christian homeschool group. Although there wasn’t much interaction with the other families this time, the children do enjoy being with other ‘odd’ homeschoolers (or should I make that normal?:-) )who don’t care about what clothes are in ‘style’ or what others might think of their questions! 🙂

We started out at a touch tank of starfish…


They could have spent hours asking and learning about all these fish…


But the sharks and sting rays were intriguing!


Butterflies were next. ..



Keeping little ones contained can be interesting but baby slept in a moby wrap and little man is a monkey… He just hangs out on someone’s back!


…even popping up in the aquarium.  And yes, this girl is a champion for carrying him around for most of the hour!


But toddlers will be toddlers, especially when it’s supposed to be nap time, so when I started getting this face, it was time to go!


Oh yes…. that photo shoot we did? Well…. this might be my best shot…..! Haha!tmp_15687-img_20161026_112423810960962