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We are blessed with a wonderful love for animals around here. This means there are always several dogs, of course, because dogs are man’s best friends, after all!

My personal favorite has always been a doberman pinscher. We’ve owned several now, as unfortunately a few have been hit by cars. One even by yours truly. The only way to keep these lovely dogs from being able to run their hearts out like they want and not chase cars and animals…. No, dairy farmers don’t appreciate their milk cows being chased… Is to train them by remote collar.

It had been a few years since I had a collar on our dobey. We ordered the Cujo collar a couple weeks ago, as this lovely dobey had taken to chasing our little miniature stallion and though she tends to stick to the ditches, she does get a little overzealous in her car chasing when it’s snowy and the cars slow down to a pace that she can have fun and race them in a fair race. However, this is dangerous when drivers get distracted from the snow-covered roads.

So, we tried to Cujo training collar. I didn’t have high expectations for this collar, simply because of the price and photos on the listing. However, the pictures definitely do this collar an injustice. The collar not only works just as well as any expensive collar I’ve owned. It also is much more durable than some that i had before.

Here’s how it arrived


I have had issues with antennas breaking off of remotes. Not so with this one. It is holding up well. I really appreciate that there are so many levels of stimulation. When there are just 4, it is hard to decide how hard to make that poke. Here, you can bump it up by slighter increments. That is very nice.

The collar has held up well as this smart dog has made sure to make every attempt to remove it. She very well knows when it is on or off. Our solution to that has always been to have a regular cloth collar that “clicked” on, just like the training collar does. Seems to fool most dogs anyway.

It was hard to get a photo of her in action. This is her being mellow. Ha!


It has been worn in the rain and this has not affected its use. It is advertised as being water resistant.

It came with batteries. Thank you. Ha. I hate when things need batteries and don’t come with them. Come on, we bought this, now it doesn’t work?

It came with the two sizes of probes for long hair and short hair dogs. Basically everything you need. The little guide gives tips for training also.

My overall review of this collar and remote is 5 stars. It is a wonderful, affordable option to stop some dangerous and unwanted behaviors quickly. It is excellent to not have to pay an arm and a leg for a good product.

I was sent this collar to review for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I gave you my honest thoughts.