The irony in this photo made me smile. That’s me, rocking a feverish boy and a fussy baby and that next to me is a packed full to do list. Obviously that list is not being accomplished! To top the photo off is the watch, reminding me of the time ticking on as I rock and rock!

This week is one of our weeks “off” . We try to only school 3 or 4 weeks at a stretch before we take a break. Our first month of school we do one week on, one week off, so we can put up the harvest. All our off weeks get packed full of cleaning and projects……projects that there is no time for when you are schooling!

And so there I sat with all my plans and instead a lap full of babies! I could get disgruntled…. I could get frustrated….all these things NEED to get done…. but no, I used to do that with my first babies and I missed out on a lot of their baby stage because I had to have spotless windows and everything “just so”. Seriously,I washed my front windows every single day at one point…. for what?

So I will rock my babies today. After all, they will be grown up soon and not need me to rock them…. the projects can wait. The watch can keep ticking. My time is not being wasted!