Today would be one of those days that I’m not quite sure what I did all day.  I do know that I am wore out and it feels incredibly good to put my feet up and start this second attempt at blogging. Yes, I do have a blog out there… somewhere… that I started a few years ago.  I have no idea where or how to retrieve it.  No, I am not the most computer savvy person. However, I do enjoy learning!

I’m enjoying my daily delight of Giradehli chocolate.  72% dark, at least.  Any darker and the bitter outweighs any thought of it being delightful!

So, how can a day go by so quickly and yet my to-do list seems to have grown instead of shrunk?  For one, I overslept.  That is always sign number one that the day is not going to head off well. I just can not, can not, be a wake-up-whenever-feels-good-and-homeschool-in-our-pjs gal.  It just doesn’t work for us. And it would drive my poor husband crazy. He gets up somewhere between 3:30 and 5:30 a.m. to work.  I think the rest of us should attempt at least to get up at a decent time. However, this morning, after a night of restless cosleeping littles, the alarm clock button was hit and my eyelids reopened an hour later.

I had also realized that one of the middle children had managed to fall behind in his school work and so I spent the rest of the morning driving him and chasing after him until we whittled down his over due assignments. Yes, I’m also one of those moms who doesn’t just say, oh well, we’ll just skip those… No, I feel like they need to learn to finish what they start and no learn to just skip out on parts of their job.

Then the call came in that our lent-out Billy goats had just been brought back to the farm. We needed to get them home and get them in with our nannies so we could have some early spring babies this year.  So the next hours were spent sorting nannies, fixing fences, hauling billies home, and sadly, splinting a broken leg on one nanny who didn’t want to be sorted.  Somewhere in the middle of that, I was changing diapers and fixing supper and then the day was suddenly over. How does that happen??

Well, I look forward to chatting about the things I learn that work for our homeschooling crew of 10, but today is just one of those days that didn’t seem to “work”.  So, the lesson for today is that there is no perfect homeschooling life.  We all have those days where it feels like you didn’t get much done.  But, you did.

In 5 months we hope to welcome a slug of kids (which finance our vacations! 🙂 ) I know I got behind-boy pretty caught up, and with not tears or shoulder slumps.  The older ones accomplished most if not all of their daily assignments without me.  The younger ones can catch up another day.  I snuggled a sweet one year old who is usually all about Daddy since the new one arrived.  That was the favorite part of the day.  His grin from ear to ear and his sweet kisses first thing this morning that kept me lingering in bed for just a few more minutes…they made this day all worth it.